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Evelyn Hernandez Character Animator DIre

About Me

Hello there, and thanks for stopping by to take a look at my art page :)

In short, I am an animator in the entertainment industry bringing stories and ideas to life through animation. I currently work at Ingenuity Studios as an animator while working on short film projects and freelance work on the side. 

My story began as a child, drawing all the time. I continued through high school and also began playing with cameras and 3d programs. Through college, I began in Computer-Aided Design studies at Miracosta College and also was working in architectural CAD designing at the time. Then I changed course to receive an Associate In Science for Graphic Communication: 3D Modeling and Animation at Palomar College. After the AA I decided to continue into Cal State Fullerton where I received her BFA in Entertainment Animation. While in school and after I was working as a freelance artist doing 3D generalist, animation, and VFX work.

I then continued into the studio world where I worked with many sized studios, from small to large and from projects like James Cameron's Avatar to Taylor Swift music videos, TV shows like Walking Dead, VR animated series and films. I was even lucky enough to work with Criss Angel and have done 3D works that have been shown in a museum. 

I strive to continue growing as an animator by working on personal projects and taking up mentorships with animation legends to keep challenging my skills. My goal is to continue pursuing fun projects in an industry where all the artists are super passionate about art and take on more directing roles for animation and film regardless in size.

Fun Fact about me: I love running, skating by the beach, making electronic music, and acai bowls.

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