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Spirited Faye short film

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Spirited Faye is an animated short film directed by Evelyn Hernandez, in the visual development stages and early 3D animation stages. 

In short, it is a LGBT spiritual embracing film where we follow the journey of 2 fairies who fall in love and have to deal with the consequences of prejudice against their sexuality. The story strongly dives into the main character's spiritual self-growth after having experienced the death of her partner and was inspired by my some of my personal life experiences like having lost someone that I loved.

This story builds up from emotionally driven artworks and into the final produced film for public and festival or even network release. 

I have shared some images here, but if you would like to see more you can check out the blog at  

Spirited Faye - Evelyn Hernandez - the W
Spirited Faye - Character Turn Around ST
Spirited Faye - Evelyn Hernandez - Faye
Spirited Faye Evelyn Hernandez - Faye n
Vivie Character Design v10_QuickRender_Render_001_Colored.jpg

while Spirited Faye is in the works, I will also be posting WIP videos and livestreams showing the progress of the film making. I want to be able to help people also learn about the process and other artists to also learn from my personal experience as a generalist.  I will have an open Patreon too for those who would like to donate and help found the film's making. The beginning of this project might be self-founded but I'm hoping I can change that so I can bring on other talented artists.


College Grind

 Short Film 2015


College Grind was the film I worked on while at CSU Fullerton. I loved every bit of the experience, and having completed something from begining to end. My fist storyboard of the short film was a little too ambitious so after having finished creating my character Trixie, I only had so much time to animate and finish the film. Having spent so much time on the character I was able to have a really good rig to crank out shot after shot and finishing up the film in less than 2 months. I still use the same character for my person animations because I really loved how she turned out and have worked on a 2.0 version of Trixie. Maybe with time in the future i'll be able to work on that first version of the film but we will leave that in the shelf for now. hope you like the film and the content behind the scene of the film.

Game Animation test

Dreamworks Model reel

Storks Tulip Animation test


Animatic Storyboard

Character Rigging

Music VIdeos

Calvin Harris - Bounce (Instrumental) - Fan Made Music Video

I directed this film while in school which turned out to be quite a fun project. Although animation seems to be my thing, I do love being able to grab a camera and do some visual directing through the lens as well. It was a very small team so we did all the camera work, and effects

I did the editing and story writing. 

would love to work on more live action and combination work like this or with more animation involved.

Electric Daisy Carnival ADVENTURE 2012 Las Vegas

I created this video for fun and to share my rave experience with others who maybe have never been to a music festival before. Then ended up being reached out by Insomniac for a EDC experience video contest that they were going to be holding. I decided to join but shortly after they ended up canceling the contest. In the end I just had fun making this video to begin with.

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